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About AMF Translations

About AMF Translations

AMF Translations was established in Cork in 2021 to support organisations, businesses and governmental bodies to comply with the Official Languages Act (revised in 2021). 

Through collaboration and communication with our clients, we ensure to deliver natural and precise translations that are structured and ready to be made available to the target audience. 

Whether it’s legal and pharmaceutical texts or marketing and website copies, we’ll ensure your content is compliant, clear and comprehensible.

Our values


Our business values are the moral compass that guide our behaviour and decision-making. They define our culture and influence how we interacts with our clients. They promote integrity, ethics, and social responsibility, ensuring trust in all our interactions.



This is our driving force and catalyst that guide us towards innovation and growth. It instils a culture of continuous improvement and supports us in reaching higher goals.

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This is about delivering purposeful communication. It ensures that every translation serves a meaningful purpose, whether it’s breaking language barriers for global understanding or preserving cultural nuances. It instils a commitment to accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and clarity in every project and interaction.



This is a commitment to thoroughness. It emphasizes breaking down complex content into its smallest, meaningful components and ensuring each is translated accurately, resulting in more authentic and contextually relevant translations. It also applies to our client relations, promising that no query is too big, or too small

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