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Case Study: Court-Case Translation from English to Irish

Project Description:


Our client approached our translation agency seeking translation services for a complex court case. The case involved intricate legal terminology and documentation that needed to be translated from French into Irish for submission in the context of international law.

Challenges Faced:

The legal cases in question contain specialised terminology with precise meanings. Accurately translating these terms is essential to maintain the integrity of the legal arguments and judgments. We need to understand the legal concepts thoroughly and find the closest equivalent terms or provide explanations within the context if direct translations did not exist.

Legal documents can contain sensitive information. We had to implement strict cybersecurity measures must adhere to strict confidentiality agreements to protect this information. We had a responsibility to ensure their translations are accurate and unbiased, as inaccuracies can have significant legal implications.

Legal language must be precise and unambiguous to prevent misinterpretation. This requires careful sentence construction and word choice to ensure the translation conveys the exact meaning of the original text.

Our Approach:

We created a bespoke workflow specifically for this project, considering its complexity, need contextual and linguistic precision and sensitive nature. This customised approach ensured that each stage of the translation process was optimised for efficiency and accuracy, from initial translation to final quality checks.

We conducted extensive research to ensure accuracy and relevance in the translation of legal terminology and concepts. We studied and worked alongside interinstitutional reference texts and style guides to ensure consistency with the clients’ needs and pre-existing texts.

Before finalising the translations, we conducted rigorous reviews to identify and rectify any errors or inconsistencies. This included linguistic accuracy, formatting, and adherence to client specifications.

Client Testimonial
"Our experience working with AMF Translations was exceptional. Their team of expert translators demonstrated a profound understanding of both English and Irish legal systems, delivering precise and culturally relevant translations within our tight deadlines. Their collaborative approach ensured consistency across all documents, providing us with confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the translations. We highly recommend AMF Translations for any legal translation needs."
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