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So, this morning I decided to try to translate my CV from English to French myself…


It wasn’t to boost my ego (and I would not have used the CV in the target context), but one born from pure curiosity and the want for a challenging Friday morning.


And here’s what I learned after 5 minutes of trying to translate…

⭐ Only a translation service provider understands text-type conventions – from the get-go, I didn’t know if the format of an Anglo-Saxon CV would work in the Francophone world (cue red flag number 1)

⭐ I forgot that surnames are capitalised and put before a person’s first name in French, meaning that my name would be FITZGERALD Aoife Marie when translated from English to French (cue red flag number 2)

⭐ I struggled to find the equivalent terms for educational institutions, qualifications, dissertations, thesis’ (cue red flag number 3).

This exercise did nothing but show to me that we need the ‘right’ translator for each text in order for the text to be handled with the respect, care and attention it demands.

And if BP Translation Conferences didn’t prove enough to me that we need human, qualified translators, then my 5 minute notion this morning did..

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Why you need a human translator - Reason 101

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