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Website Translation - SME Marketing from English to Irish

Project Description:


Our client, a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) based in Ireland, recognized the importance of embracing the Irish language, compliance with the Official Languages Act and catering to the linguistic needs of their clients looking to promote the Irish language.. They aimed to provide comprehensive support for businesses seeking to develop Irish-language marketing materials while fostering a deeper appreciation for the Irish language and culture.

Challenges Faced:

Translating website content from English to Irish required careful consideration of cultural nuances and linguistic conventions to ensure authenticity and relevance to Irish-speaking audiences.

Encouraging clients to embrace the Irish language in their marketing materials required persuasive and compelling translations that highlighted the benefits of bilingual communication.

While translating the website content, it was essential to maintain consistency with the client’s brand voice and messaging, ensuring a seamless transition from English to Irish.

Our Approach:

Our team of native Irish speakers, fluent in both English and Irish, possessed a deep understanding of the linguistic intricacies and cultural nuances necessary for accurate and engaging translations. They ensured that the translated content resonated with Irish-speaking audiences while aligning with the client’s brand identity.

We prioritised cultural relevance and authenticity in our translations, incorporating idiomatic expressions and linguistic conventions that reflected the nuances of the Irish language and culture. This approach enhanced the connection between the client and their target audience, fostering a sense of trust and familiarity.

In addition to translating the client’s marketing materials, we provided practical tips for incorporating Irish-language elements into business communications. This approach empowered clients to embrace bilingualism and strengthen their connection to Irish-speaking communities.

Client Testimonial
"Our experience working with AMF Translations was exceptional. Their team of expert translators demonstrated a profound understanding of both English and Irish legal systems, delivering precise and culturally relevant translations within our tight deadlines. Their collaborative approach ensured consistency across all documents, providing us with confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the translations. We highly recommend AMF Translations for any legal translation needs."
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